State Program

State Retirement Programs

Unprecedented Access To Teachers, Firefighters & Law Enforcement.

The Strategy

Megastar’s State Retirement Program is engineered to provide you with unprecedented access to three virtually untapped prospect markets: Teachers, Firefighters and Law Enforcement. Proven successful in Ohio and Florida Megastar is currently in negotiations to bring this innovative program into other states by 2017.

Seminars feature state-specific information about how state employees’ pension, health plan, life insurance, and Social Security benefits fit into a comprehensive retirement plan.

When it comes to marketing our State Program, Megastar provides advisors with a multi-tiered strategy that utilizes the power of digital and social media marketing through our educational consumer website,

How It Works

Our partnership with participating states provides Megastar with access to the home address of the state employee; their personal email address; date they were hired; retirement date; and the amount of their Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) in states where DROP is available. As a result, we can market your seminar utilizing two powerful methods:

Direct Mail Marketing and Digital Marketing.

– The Direct Mail Campaign is seamlessly executed through our partnership with a leading direct mail company. Seminar invitations featuring your name are sent to the home address of state employees who are retiring now and those poised to retire soon. The mail rotation consists of sending invitations to approximately one quarter of employees on the state’s pension list and the entire DROP list (in states where DROP is available).

– The Digital Marketing Campaign is launched through our Educational Company, Pension Navigators. Utilizing the personal email addresses of State employees, they’re able to click the link to our educational consumer website and register online for your seminar.

The Advantages

• Comprehensive State Retirement Presentation Training – provided by our experts in the State Employee market.
• Exclusive Territories – advisors who maintain $1 Million in EIA production will never have another advisor working their territory.
• Seminar marketing through our educational consumer website, Pension Navigators, which captures state employees searching online for information about their benefits.
• State Retirement Mailers, Survey Cards, plus a Targeted Mailing List – which can be used to market off-site presentations to state employees in your county.

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