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Seminars have always been a staple in our industry. Megastar can take you to the next level with powerful Seminar Solutions that capture today’s emerging niche markets and deliver more referrals.

What do we mean by niche markets?

We’ve taken traditional seminars that cover broad topics and honed them down to target smaller market demographic segments with specific interests and concerns. For example:

  • Women with female–centric interests
  • Veterans with unique issues and challenges
  • Grandparents who want to leave a viable family legacy
  • Seminars specific to baby boomers & seniors

Your Business Development Specialist will work with you to tailor these proven seminar solutions to resonate with your client base and your local market. We even can send out one of our founders to help conduct your first seminar!

Although large-audience financial seminars will always have a place and purpose, niche events are all about enhancing your brand image and reputation within your community. In fact, many of our tested seminar strategies are built around non-financial topics and feature professionals from other service industries.

Our goal is to build personal relationships with existing and potential clients and to be seen as a trusted source for their needs, now and in the future.

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