"The training was one of the best training I attended in a very long time. Irini was very detailed and left very few room for questions as they were answered in her presentation. I love the samples that were given. I love that as she was going thru the training and speaking to us as the client, preparer, receptionist, scheduler, etc. That was very helpful. The marketing strategies were brilliant."

IR March 14, 2014

"I've been in this business for over 29 years and I can't tell you in words how awesome it was and is to have you as a mentor. Over the years I have had the opportunity to be involved with many firms on many different levels and have heard so many different promises from them and yet none really ever come to materialize. This is not the case here, because of your mentorship my personal production has tripled over the last few months."

MD March 14, 2014

"Having been in the industry for several years and attending various training events, I want to tell you that this has been the most beneficial by far. It was extremely helpful to have you open your office to us to go over in detail, from A – Z in creating a successful tax practice and all areas of operations."

MM March 14, 2014

"George & Lee are the model for success and I would recommend them both to anyone who is looking to bring their practice to the next level, and who wants to surround themselves with the best mentors this business could ask for."

SD March 14, 2014

"Your tax office training was invaluable and very helpful, and it gave me a new prospective on the industry. Your staff made everything so simple, and the professionalism of your staff was second to none."

DAW March 14, 2014

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